Monday, September 10, 2018

Out Now: Masturbatory Dysfunction split with Frataxin on Lugubrious Incantations C20

OUT NOW on LUGUBRIOUS INCANTATIONS: Masturbatory Dysfunction / Frataxin split cassette inverted second edition limited to 30 hand numbered copies.

Black and White shells with white norelcos and inverted color artwork. Frataxin submits blown out Power Electronics, and Masturbatory Dysfunction exposes visceral harsh noise warning vulgar content.
Frataxin's side focuses on the specific extermination of disabled people in third reich Germany.Masturbatory Dysfunction revels in the exploitation of other's misfortune for sexual gratification.
Venom and Lust.

Get in touch for trades/wholesale/purchase. A handful will be held back for my two and only shows of 2018 coming this fall.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

OUT NOW: Masturbatory Dysfunction - Water Bondage c30 (sic 101) on Cipher Productions

(sic 101) Masturbatory Dysfunction Water Bondage C-30 is now available.

Water Bondage treads a fine line between Masturbatory Dysfunction's static constructs and Felicia's darker clouds of smogged finesse, its 30 minutes carefully layering and tightening streams of smothering industrial noise with no permitted alleviation. Its tracks choke with insistence, and seem to be realised from a state of oxygen-less semi-consciousness and inhibition.

Edition of 75 copies comes in an A5 ziplock bag with double-sided collage artwork from Luke Holland (Trapdoor Tapes), accompanied by some rope and netting for added inspiration.

Click Here to Purchase WATER BONDAGE directly from Cipher Productions

Saturday, February 25, 2017

OUT NOW: Masturbatory Dysfunction / Acid Enema "The Ultimate Beat Off" C21 on Ominous Recordings


4 of Masturbatory Dysfunction's tracks remixed by legendary Acid Enema Released on cassette via Ominous Recordings. Edition of 66. Special Edition Blood and Cum version edition of 6 through Masturbatory Dysfunction.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Watch Black Metal & Brews Open a Pent Up Release Package containing the Masturbatory Dysfunction / Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Split LP

Black Metal and Brews opens Masturbatory Dysfunction / Blue Sabbath Black Cheer split LP package from Pent Up Relase live on camera while drinking Peche Mortel

Friday, October 21, 2016

Special Masturbatory Dysfunction Live Performance on Saturday November 12th W/ ARIADNE, Muscle & Marrow and PRISONFOOD

Timbre Room Sat 11/12 ft 


Pent Up Release and Timbre Room present 
Saturday November 12th, 2016 7pm

Muscle and Marrow (PDX) 
Muscle and Marrow is Kira Clark and Keith McGraw. Muscle and Marrow is concerned with otherness.

ARIADNE (Brooklyn)
A/V experimental sacred music duo comprised of Christine Lanx and Benjamin Forest.

Masturbatory Dysfunction (Seattle)
Gutter-Synth Snatch Trash. Solo project of Felicia Gaggins.

Abraham Moses prepares to dish and gruel. 

1809 Minor Ave Seattle Wa 98001

Facebook Link
Tix Link

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

OUT NOW: Condo Horro / Masturbatory Dysfunction c60 split "Phallitecture" on Petite Soles

Out Now on Petite Soles; Masturbatory Dysfunction's split with Condo Horro

Taken direct from the label:
In this much-anticipated split, the urbane and profane collide together as two Seattle heavyweights of noise are paired together in a release that is loud, brash, and massive, with monolithic harsh noise walls that are as dense as concrete. Peter Keller's new project Condo Horro and Felicia Gaggin's Masturbatory Dysfunction together reveal the sexual undertones of their hometown architectural landmarks and of the power and dominance of urbanization with two long, thick, and hard walls that invade and penetrate your personal space. The pleasure and pain as you are pushed against these walls makes this release that much more intense. With eye-popping artwork by Peter Keller.

Click here to purchase yours today

Here is a sample of my side:

I have limited artist copies available for trade. Please get in touch to make arrangements.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Review of Masturbatory Dysfunction's Split with Botched Facelift (The Pet Goat Records 2016) on Traumatic Static

Special thanks to Abattoir at Traumatic Static for the review of my new split release with Botched Facelift on The Pet Goat Records.

Click here to be taken to review

For purchase:

Bandcamp purchase of the limited edition cassette 

Direct from label


Next available physical release will be Masturbatory Dysfunction / Condo Horro split on Petite Soles; this should be available before the end of summer.

Due to the PUR laptop crash of 2016, the PUR distro is experiencing delays in updating the storefront. Will update as soon as possible.

I do have copies of my split with Botched Facelift and will have copies of my split with Condo Horro shortly. Trades will be considered for both, get in touch if interested.

As always, thx for looking and your support <3 xxxo!