Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fallup's 2013

hey guys, i know i've been silent awhile but lots of sexy, slippery stuff going on with MD!!

release updates:

bloodlust! has the last remaining copies of sold out "my diary" 3inch cdr:  

and if you don't have a copy of my debut "getting caught" on bloodlust!, get one while the gettin's good!!

MD is stocked at local stores wall of sound (they just moved, go check out their awesome new space!!) in seattle wa and the business in anacortes wa

upcoming md releases for 2013:

MD-Total Slit Destruction c92 on meaning corrupted

MD split 12" LP with Blue Sabbath Black Cheer on pent up release

MD split double c20 with Wet Trash on pent up release
MD split c27 with Numb Erone on pent up release

super duper grim hails and  orgasm salutes to all mentioned above and brianvdp for his bitchen artwork on the upcoming BSBC/MD split!!

Submission entry now closed for Vol. 1 M.D.M.agazine. Thank you to those who have submitted stories/letters and pictures for the zine!! If you want to submit pictures or stories/letters for the next volume, or if you'd like more information or anything else related to MD, please email me:

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