Monday, October 24, 2016

Watch Black Metal & Brews Open a Pent Up Release Package containing the Masturbatory Dysfunction / Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Split LP

Black Metal and Brews opens Masturbatory Dysfunction / Blue Sabbath Black Cheer split LP package from Pent Up Relase live on camera while drinking Peche Mortel

Friday, October 21, 2016

Special Masturbatory Dysfunction Live Performance on Saturday November 12th W/ ARIADNE, Muscle & Marrow and PRISONFOOD

Timbre Room Sat 11/12 ft 


Pent Up Release and Timbre Room present 
Saturday November 12th, 2016 7pm

Muscle and Marrow (PDX) 
Muscle and Marrow is Kira Clark and Keith McGraw. Muscle and Marrow is concerned with otherness.

ARIADNE (Brooklyn)
A/V experimental sacred music duo comprised of Christine Lanx and Benjamin Forest.

Masturbatory Dysfunction (Seattle)
Gutter-Synth Snatch Trash. Solo project of Felicia Gaggins.

Abraham Moses prepares to dish and gruel. 

1809 Minor Ave Seattle Wa 98001

Facebook Link
Tix Link

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

OUT NOW: Condo Horro / Masturbatory Dysfunction c60 split "Phallitecture" on Petite Soles

Out Now on Petite Soles; Masturbatory Dysfunction's split with Condo Horro

Taken direct from the label:
In this much-anticipated split, the urbane and profane collide together as two Seattle heavyweights of noise are paired together in a release that is loud, brash, and massive, with monolithic harsh noise walls that are as dense as concrete. Peter Keller's new project Condo Horro and Felicia Gaggin's Masturbatory Dysfunction together reveal the sexual undertones of their hometown architectural landmarks and of the power and dominance of urbanization with two long, thick, and hard walls that invade and penetrate your personal space. The pleasure and pain as you are pushed against these walls makes this release that much more intense. With eye-popping artwork by Peter Keller.

Click here to purchase yours today

Here is a sample of my side:

I have limited artist copies available for trade. Please get in touch to make arrangements.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Review of Masturbatory Dysfunction's Split with Botched Facelift (The Pet Goat Records 2016) on Traumatic Static

Special thanks to Abattoir at Traumatic Static for the review of my new split release with Botched Facelift on The Pet Goat Records.

Click here to be taken to review

For purchase:

Bandcamp purchase of the limited edition cassette 

Direct from label


Next available physical release will be Masturbatory Dysfunction / Condo Horro split on Petite Soles; this should be available before the end of summer.

Due to the PUR laptop crash of 2016, the PUR distro is experiencing delays in updating the storefront. Will update as soon as possible.

I do have copies of my split with Botched Facelift and will have copies of my split with Condo Horro shortly. Trades will be considered for both, get in touch if interested.

As always, thx for looking and your support <3 xxxo!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

OUT NOW! Masturbatory Dysfunction / Botched Facelift Split C30 on The Pet Goat Records

Hey guys! I have some exciting news to share with you during this sizzling summer!

Masturbatory Dysfunction / Botched Facelift C30 split cassette tape is now available through The Pet Goat Records.
This is an edition of 75 chrome hi bias professionally duplicated cassettes.
Artwork by Botched Facelift!

Available for purchase by clicking here

Taken from the label:

"This tape examines the cult of the unholy Aghoris whose ritual practices include feasting on human flesh, necrophilia, ritual sex and who seek to transcend human conditioning/animal nature by breaking of all taboos."

Below you will find a couple of tracks taken from the split:

I will have artist copies in the next few weeks as well as distro copies for Pent Up Release

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Review of Masturbatory Dysfunction's "Clueless Crush: A Collection of Love Songs to Make Out To" on Traumatic Static

Special thanks to Abattoir at Traumatic Static for the review of my newest release now sold out on Altar of Waste.

Review can be found by clicking here

There will be a few copies of the double disc through Petite Soles and Cipher Productions.

Coming up Masturbatory Dysfunction has split cassette tapes with Botched Facelift on The Pet Goat Records, and Condo Horro on Petite Soles.

Announcements will be made soon on a few other Masturbatory Dysfunction releases.

Thxxx for your support <3

Monday, June 13, 2016

OUT NOW ON ALTAR OF WASTE "Clueless Crush: A Collection of Love Songs to Make Out To" Double Disc by Masturbatory Dysfunction

Hey guys,

After years in the making, I am really pleased to announce the release of Masturbatory Dysfunction's double disc "Clueless Crush: A Collection of Love Songs to Make Out To" on Altar of Waste Records

Taken directly from the label:
"AOW debut from the PNW's Masturbatory Dysfunction, the latest in a run of absolutely untouchable HNW and HN releases from gutter synth destructionist Felicia Gaggins.  Since 2009 she's been producing some of the most sonically and aesthetically severe and utterly assaulting noise releases to grace the underground, creating a body of work unparalleled in its intensity and totally focused in its vision.
Masturbatory Dysfunction's latest album, the double CD "Clueless Crush: A Collection Of Love Songs To Make Out To," offers up an expansive suite of hyper-dense, crushingly bass-heavy, and masterfully composed HNW pieces alongside excursions into more shifting and caustic HN textures and tonalities, a total and exhaustive wipeout of synthesizer meltdown and pedal horror.  The sense of tension haunting this record is extreme, the sense of obsession and fixation shot through every piece.  An enormous amount of thought, vision, and work has gone into this album and the result is simply one of the best, most focused noise recordings you're going to hear this year.  This record will consume you, numb you with its intensity, and utterly destroy you with its severity.  Felicia is one of the unsung masters of HNW, and I am beyond psyched to be releasing this record through Altar Of Waste!  Certain to be in top 10 noise releases for 2016.  Not to be missed!
Packaged in a DVD case with glorious, insanely colorful artwork.  This is a ridiculously lovely AOW release.  Released in a limited edition of 50 hand-numbered copies.  $12 ppd. in the United States, $28 rest of world."

From the label:
"SPECIAL EDITION: a very limited run of 5 copies of this edition was produced.  ONE copy is available through Altar Of Waste.  This is the ONLY publicly available copy of this version.  It has a completely different layout than the standard edition and comes with some very personal items from Felicia Gaggins, adding an additional dimension of hyper-focused intensity to the record.
This special edition of "'Clueless Crush" is packaged in a DVD case and released in a limited edition of 5 hand-numbered copies.  $25 ppd. in the United States, $41 rest of world."

Pent Up Release will have copies up on the storefront soon. 
Get in touch to request a trade: feliciagaggins @

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Masturbatory Dysfunction - "I BURN FOR YOU" T-Shirt and Hoodie

Very pleased to announce the limited edition of Masturbatory Dysfunction "I BURN FOR YOU" double sided Canvas Brand Black T-shirts with red ink are now available for purchase through the PUR store!

Very soft shirt blend

In addition to the shirt; there is an extremely limited run of pull over hooded sweatshirts; available for pre-order in Large and XL sizes only. Hooded sweatshirts should be printed and shipped by end of June, 2016.

Masturbatory Dysfunction "I BURN FOR YOU" design by Blial Cabal

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring Updates 2016 for Masturbatory Dysfunction

Hey guys,

Is spring time treating you well? I've missed you; can't get you out of my mind. I think about you all the time and want you close to me.. touching my skin, tasting my skin, teasing my skin, pleasuring my skin.

Are you squirming yet?

I'm looking forward to a lot of exciting news that will be announced in this post.

Masturbatory Dysfunction's newest forthcoming album will be released by Altar of Waste in 2016. This upcoming album is the most obsessive of Masturbatory Dysfunction to date. This release has been a very long time coming. The tension is intense. Samples will be posted soon.

Masturbatory Dysfunction is playing live with Microscopic Suffering, ACID ENEMA (Las Vegas) and HAIL (cascadia) at the Highline on 06/09/16 Thursday June 9th. If you're in Seattle, do not miss this event! This is AE's first show in Seattle. There will be a Portland show  on Saturday 6/11 but MD will not be performing at this event, sorry.

Masturbatory Dysfunction will have a forthcoming split with Condo Horro; PNW HNW artist Peter Keller (Bacillus, Jodie.) on Petite Soles.

Very soon Masturbatory Dysfunction will have a new sticker design and t-shirts! I'm working with the phenomenal and talented Blial Cabal on this design and can't wait for the outcome!

Masturbatory Dysfunction "Water Bondage" will probably be released in 2017 if not this year. I'm in talks with a very special record label right now regarding this release. More to follow on this topic.

Keep your eyes peeled for this new Interracial Sex cassette on Finders entitled "The Worst of Both Worlds" which has the first of hopefully many Interracial Sex / Masturbatory Dysfunction collaboration tracks!

While not a Masturbatory Dysfunction show....I want to thank everyone who came out to the Re-Bar on 4/14 and HWM on 4/16 to witness Control and Scard. Also thanks to everyone who opened/played these shows; you guys did GREAT. I had a fantastic time and am sure if you came out you did as well.

Cum on out to Gallery 1412 on May 7th, Wet Trash is one of the locals for this Terran Wretch (chicago, Sun Splitter) event.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

OUT NOW! Dead Body Collection & Masturbatory Dysfunction - "The Necrophiles" Cassette

Very pleased to announce that my collaboration+split with Dead Body Collection entitled "The Necrophiles" CS has dropped from the german label Geraeuschmanufaktur; limited to 50 copies.

As many of you know, Pent Up Release Events / live performances have been my main focus this past year.
This is the first, and possibly the only 2016 release of Masturbatory Dysfunction, so I suggest snatching a copy up before this release is sold out.
For those of you in the United States, I will have very limited artist copies and a few copies for the Pent Up Release storefront within a few weeks.

Direct from the label:

Dead Body Collection & Masturbatory Dysfunction - The Necrophiles
This collaboration / split between HNW masters Dead Body Collection and Masturbatory Dysfunction will bring you nearly sixty battering minutes of torque that steadily build from intensity into monstrosity! Three tracks of galloping lower-to-mid ranged noise textures and static tonality. Truly imperturbable & extremely brutal HNW!

To check out sound samples, click on the link above or you can hear my soundcloud samples below: