Tuesday, September 6, 2016

OUT NOW: Condo Horro / Masturbatory Dysfunction c60 split "Phallitecture" on Petite Soles

Out Now on Petite Soles; Masturbatory Dysfunction's split with Condo Horro

Taken direct from the label:
In this much-anticipated split, the urbane and profane collide together as two Seattle heavyweights of noise are paired together in a release that is loud, brash, and massive, with monolithic harsh noise walls that are as dense as concrete. Peter Keller's new project Condo Horro and Felicia Gaggin's Masturbatory Dysfunction together reveal the sexual undertones of their hometown architectural landmarks and of the power and dominance of urbanization with two long, thick, and hard walls that invade and penetrate your personal space. The pleasure and pain as you are pushed against these walls makes this release that much more intense. With eye-popping artwork by Peter Keller.

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Here is a sample of my side:

I have limited artist copies available for trade. Please get in touch to make arrangements.

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