Saturday, December 14, 2013

BSBC / MD and Numb Erone / MD Splits Out Now!

Hey guys, I've missed you!
Check out my two new releases Pent Up Release just dropped! 
You can purchase both locally in Seattle at Wall of Sound and Zion's Gate

DEATH / Put a Bag On It 

BSBC'S DEATH is 17:50 mins of what someone describes as a 45 horned beast with apocalypse eyes reigning down mountains of hate and disdain upon charred remains of the damned. 
Featuring Stan Reed (Dried Up Corpse), Wm.Rage (Nervous Corps), Crystal Perez (Pink Void), John Lukeman (Drowner) and Gerald Hansen (Eye of Nix)

MD's Put a Bag On It is four tracks clocking in at 19:09
The noises got louder and juicier as his jackhammer punished her wet snatch.
MD is Felicia Gaggins 

Pent Up Release PURv-013 Edition of 200
Black 33rpm LP with black label in black sleeve
24 page b&w Brown Bag Rag magazine by MD housed in a brown bag
featuring brown baggers, stories, letters and countless skulls

LP and two double sided inserts artwork by Brian VDP
Jackets silk screened by Broken Press
Mastered by Scott Colburn

$25.00ppd in the USA

Pent Up Release PURcs018 
Vol.01 of MD's A2A series of HFN splits
Starring Seattle's Numb Erone on side A. and MD on side 2.

Layout by Brian VDP

These two recordings are HOT HOT HOT!!!
100% Hot Noise Wall!!!
Most extreme ANALog cassette tape!!! 

$8.00ppd in USA

contact pentuprelease [at] gmail [dot] com for wholesale or trade inquiries 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Hand Job Harvest - Nov Updates

Meaning Corrupted is now sold out of MD- Total Slit Destruction c92.
If you missed out and shop in Japan, check out: NEdS and Artecnico.

Worthless has a few copies of the hot little number MD- Precarious Load c30. Pent Up Release is sold out of Precarious Load!

Along with the upcoming various MD splits on Pent Up Release that should be out in the next batch or two, I'm also working on a c48 for Meaning Corrupted and my next full length album!!

PUR has received the LP jackets for the upcoming BSBC/MD split, Broken Press did an outstanding job!

Lastly, we're coming up on Thanksgiving and I want to know what you are thankful for! Share your thankful secrets with me and I'll share mine with you. I'll give you a hint, it has to do with hands :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

MD c92 out now on Meaning Corrupted!

sexy little number out now on Meaning Corrupted by yours truly!

Masturbatory Dysfunction
Total Slit Destruction c92

HNW assault from Felicia Gaggins, Pacific Northwest Industrial HN/HNW, inspired by the cover photo.
Edition 16.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fallup's 2013

hey guys, i know i've been silent awhile but lots of sexy, slippery stuff going on with MD!!

release updates:

bloodlust! has the last remaining copies of sold out "my diary" 3inch cdr:  

and if you don't have a copy of my debut "getting caught" on bloodlust!, get one while the gettin's good!!

MD is stocked at local stores wall of sound (they just moved, go check out their awesome new space!!) in seattle wa and the business in anacortes wa

upcoming md releases for 2013:

MD-Total Slit Destruction c92 on meaning corrupted

MD split 12" LP with Blue Sabbath Black Cheer on pent up release

MD split double c20 with Wet Trash on pent up release
MD split c27 with Numb Erone on pent up release

super duper grim hails and  orgasm salutes to all mentioned above and brianvdp for his bitchen artwork on the upcoming BSBC/MD split!!

Submission entry now closed for Vol. 1 M.D.M.agazine. Thank you to those who have submitted stories/letters and pictures for the zine!! If you want to submit pictures or stories/letters for the next volume, or if you'd like more information or anything else related to MD, please email me:

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hot and Steamy Snatch Trash in August

What do you get when your slut has cabin fever, loves sucking your cock until it spews a load and making noise? Precarious Load CS by yours truly- out on Pent Up Release now!
Masturbatory Dysfunction- Precarious Load CS purcs-012

Side A:
Feel Sprung
Rev. Dead

Side B:
Bullshit Late Fuck Your Face

Hey guys- I've missed you. I had some wild times recording this cassette and made sure the artwork was unobstructed in case you wanted to blow your precarious load with me!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sneak Peek

A little sneak peek of my upcoming set tonight for I.N.C. Live in color MD cocksucking whore action at the Josephine- Seattle, WA. Doors @ 7pm.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gimme my sex toys back!

All week long I've been anxiously awaiting for my newest of order of sex toys. It had a confirmed delivery date of today- yippie- can't wait to get my hands on these! I get down to the post office- it isn't there. Come to find out if UPS isn't notified by the shipper to re-route to USPS, they will ship to your physical address UPS has on file. Side note to any of you pervs shipping  to po boxes: UPS doesn't always have your current physical address in their database. So I go over to my old house, the current tenant has my box and its been resealed. After a long awkward conversation with him where neither one of us mentioned the box, or its contents, I come home to a previously opened box of:
His eye taint is all over these. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013