Monday, February 17, 2014

BSBC/MD Split LP+Mag Review on Avantaardvark

Sending love to Drew at avantaardvark, thanks for posting a review of my split LP with BSBC

Full post can be found by clicking here

Photo by Drew Wehrle
"Blue Sabbath Black Cheer is a Seattle-based electronic drone outfit. 'DEATH' is an elegant ride atop waves of soothing white, pink and brown noise that build over nineteen minutes. The sound becomes fuller, blunter through the middle, and there's some turbulence as it comes in for a landing, but it's ultimately a soft one. The whole piece conjures up images of struggle. 
The Masturbatory Dysfunction side is chopped up into four suites of not dissimilar textures that have a little more blunted, buzzing electric vibe. At one of my favorite points, low frequency drones practically evaporate before re-congealing into bursts of electro-hiss that cuts out hypnotically. The end is also worth waiting for.

This split wouldn't be a bad detour for fans of Tim Hecker. If there's one thing that it's not, it's violent. This is a mellow trip that treads that line between beauty and pain."

Friday, February 14, 2014

About time to FREAKOUT

Hey guys, hope you're thinking about me on this very special V-day while you're rubbing one (two or three) out. My V has been thinking about you while I've been rubbing it.

Couple of updates and a reminder about tomorrow night's show at the Josephine with Wilson Shook, #TITS, Jodie, Breathe Glass (PDX) and yours truly!
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Doors at 8:30pm and I'll have some copies of the BSBC/MD split LP+Magazine, various PUR and distro items, including the BRAND NEW Bloodyminded-Within the Walls CD, out now on BLOODLUST!

Meaning Corrupted is about to drop the limited edition of Masturbatory Dysfunction- HOLD YOUR BREATH C48.

Pent Up Release will be issuing a statement shortly regarding the next batch of releases which will include the Masturbatory Dysfunction / Wet Trash double cassette split. If you liked My Diary, this split will make you hard.

And I will begin my search soon for a graphic artist to partner with on my next full length, if you're interested, hit me up at

I'm so excited to see you tomorrow night, I'm throbbing :)