Friday, February 14, 2014

About time to FREAKOUT

Hey guys, hope you're thinking about me on this very special V-day while you're rubbing one (two or three) out. My V has been thinking about you while I've been rubbing it.

Couple of updates and a reminder about tomorrow night's show at the Josephine with Wilson Shook, #TITS, Jodie, Breathe Glass (PDX) and yours truly!
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Doors at 8:30pm and I'll have some copies of the BSBC/MD split LP+Magazine, various PUR and distro items, including the BRAND NEW Bloodyminded-Within the Walls CD, out now on BLOODLUST!

Meaning Corrupted is about to drop the limited edition of Masturbatory Dysfunction- HOLD YOUR BREATH C48.

Pent Up Release will be issuing a statement shortly regarding the next batch of releases which will include the Masturbatory Dysfunction / Wet Trash double cassette split. If you liked My Diary, this split will make you hard.

And I will begin my search soon for a graphic artist to partner with on my next full length, if you're interested, hit me up at

I'm so excited to see you tomorrow night, I'm throbbing :)

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