Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring Updates 2016 for Masturbatory Dysfunction

Hey guys,

Is spring time treating you well? I've missed you; can't get you out of my mind. I think about you all the time and want you close to me.. touching my skin, tasting my skin, teasing my skin, pleasuring my skin.

Are you squirming yet?

I'm looking forward to a lot of exciting news that will be announced in this post.

Masturbatory Dysfunction's newest forthcoming album will be released by Altar of Waste in 2016. This upcoming album is the most obsessive of Masturbatory Dysfunction to date. This release has been a very long time coming. The tension is intense. Samples will be posted soon.

Masturbatory Dysfunction is playing live with Microscopic Suffering, ACID ENEMA (Las Vegas) and HAIL (cascadia) at the Highline on 06/09/16 Thursday June 9th. If you're in Seattle, do not miss this event! This is AE's first show in Seattle. There will be a Portland show  on Saturday 6/11 but MD will not be performing at this event, sorry.

Masturbatory Dysfunction will have a forthcoming split with Condo Horro; PNW HNW artist Peter Keller (Bacillus, Jodie.) on Petite Soles.

Very soon Masturbatory Dysfunction will have a new sticker design and t-shirts! I'm working with the phenomenal and talented Blial Cabal on this design and can't wait for the outcome!

Masturbatory Dysfunction "Water Bondage" will probably be released in 2017 if not this year. I'm in talks with a very special record label right now regarding this release. More to follow on this topic.

Keep your eyes peeled for this new Interracial Sex cassette on Finders entitled "The Worst of Both Worlds" which has the first of hopefully many Interracial Sex / Masturbatory Dysfunction collaboration tracks!

While not a Masturbatory Dysfunction show....I want to thank everyone who came out to the Re-Bar on 4/14 and HWM on 4/16 to witness Control and Scard. Also thanks to everyone who opened/played these shows; you guys did GREAT. I had a fantastic time and am sure if you came out you did as well.

Cum on out to Gallery 1412 on May 7th, Wet Trash is one of the locals for this Terran Wretch (chicago, Sun Splitter) event.

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