Wednesday, March 23, 2016

OUT NOW! Dead Body Collection & Masturbatory Dysfunction - "The Necrophiles" Cassette

Very pleased to announce that my collaboration+split with Dead Body Collection entitled "The Necrophiles" CS has dropped from the german label Geraeuschmanufaktur; limited to 50 copies.

As many of you know, Pent Up Release Events / live performances have been my main focus this past year.
This is the first, and possibly the only 2016 release of Masturbatory Dysfunction, so I suggest snatching a copy up before this release is sold out.
For those of you in the United States, I will have very limited artist copies and a few copies for the Pent Up Release storefront within a few weeks.

Direct from the label:

Dead Body Collection & Masturbatory Dysfunction - The Necrophiles
This collaboration / split between HNW masters Dead Body Collection and Masturbatory Dysfunction will bring you nearly sixty battering minutes of torque that steadily build from intensity into monstrosity! Three tracks of galloping lower-to-mid ranged noise textures and static tonality. Truly imperturbable & extremely brutal HNW!

To check out sound samples, click on the link above or you can hear my soundcloud samples below:

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