Thursday, December 25, 2014

THE RITA + MASTURBATORY DYSFUNCTION C30 "Nylon Source Manipulation (The Readings)" on The Level of Vulnerability

Hey guys,

HO HO HO! Here is a little present for all of you!!

I'm excited to announce the forthcoming release of The Rita + MD entitled "Nylon Source Manipulation (The Readings)"

Release Date Scheduled for Jan 11th, 2015

More details taken from the label:
"Upcoming C30 tape, limited to 77 copies. Full colour paper, factory made tapes. Possible release date in the second half of January. More info soon...

Price is 6 EUR + postage cost.. Reserve a copy:

Plus! If you purchase this with the previous tape release of the label (
I give them for 10 EUR, instead of 12 EUR + postage cost."

Hope you all have a wonderfully wet holiday and a nude new year <3


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