Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer Spluge 2015

Hey Guys,

How's this sweltering summer treating you? Are you all sticky and hot? I know I am :) I'd love to get into a cool shower with you and get all clean before we... tell me what you want to do with me!

I have a lot of updates to announce, thanks and praises to give...

The spring time and what we've had of summer as flown by!

Thanks to everyone in Portland who came out and supported at the PANIC ROOM in April. Loved spending time with you and excited to do it again soon. Special thanks to Todd/WOL for making it happen. If you're into metal, you should check out Todd's band Shrine of the Serpent.

Appreciate Bellingham for being so hospitable to us for the THRILL OLYMPICS event I was part of with Breathe Glass, Molena and Fischkopf Sinfoniker in May. I thoroughly enjoyed clearing that place out.

A super big thanks to Sammy and Rachel at Debacle Records and Columbia City Theater for DEBACLE fest July 10-11th 2015.
PRISONFOOD and myself played a secret SLATES BIG BAND set on July 10th and we performed a fuck of a fun FURNITURE WORSHIP set on July 11th.
Amazing times! Check out my photo album and here is a clip that our pal Mosquito Pete (Interracial Sex) took of us during SLATES BIG BAND

After watching the video, you're probably thinking "I need one of those Furniture Worship long sleeves Felicia is wearing so bad!!"
You can find them here!!  Don't miss out on these shirts guys, seriously... the white with black ink shirts are nice and light weight / soft (feels great on the nipples) and the black with white ink are thick/sturdy and should hold up for winter.

Speaking of Furniture Worship, we're playing on August 28th, 2015 at Kremwerk with CRUOR INCENDIA(R. Jencks), Cathartech and Interracial Sex on our NEW SQUALL NIGHT. Click here for further details
Obviously not an event you want to miss out on. Yes, we'll have our shirts too!

Thanks to everyone who came out and to Gallery 1412 for the Ambient Mosaic Festival on the blue moon July 31st, 2015. This was a new experience for me; to play as Felicia Gaggins, and to create a somewhat of an ambient soundscape set without the overly sexual elements. You can never take the pervert out of me though. 

If you missed my solo set, do not fear as I have another show to announce here:

Pent Up Release and Gallery 1412 present

Field Recordings: Never Forget

Seattle Phonographers Union
AJ Lindner
Trash Stratum
Tarsier Eyes
Felicia Gaggins

Gallery 1412
Seattle WA 98122
As more information becomes available for this show I will update this post to provide you with the most accurate information.

I currently have no Masturbatory Dysfunction shows planned in Seattle for this year, but I am thinking about it. If one happens, I'll let you know. I have picked up several goodies to incorporate into my next live performance. 

You can bookmark our events calendar so you don't miss out on shows, like the LABOR OF LOVE FEST we put together for Labor Day weekend. 23 acts in 2 days at Gallery 1412 or the Rusalka and MK9 show that Xiphoid Dementia and a few other locals are playing on October 15th at The Funhouse.

Main focus for Masturbatory Dysfunction for the remainder of the year, besides as many orgasms as I can fit into the year, is to complete the artwork for the much anticipated "WRECKED" CD that will probably come out 2016 and Masturbatory Dysfunction - Water Bondage cassette. Both will be released on PENT UP RELEASE

I submitted a track for the Signora Ward HNW compilation that should be out later this month. Pent Up Release will have copies for sale. I'll probably have a spare artist copy available for trade.

Here is the track I submitted for your listening pleasure

I have some splits and potential collaborations in the works but rather than jinxing any by announcing now, I'll leave you here.

PS: for more updates, pictures, etc, add me to your google+.

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