Sunday, May 20, 2018

OUT NOW: Masturbatory Dysfunction - Water Bondage c30 (sic 101) on Cipher Productions

(sic 101) Masturbatory Dysfunction Water Bondage C-30 is now available.

Water Bondage treads a fine line between Masturbatory Dysfunction's static constructs and Felicia's darker clouds of smogged finesse, its 30 minutes carefully layering and tightening streams of smothering industrial noise with no permitted alleviation. Its tracks choke with insistence, and seem to be realised from a state of oxygen-less semi-consciousness and inhibition.

Edition of 75 copies comes in an A5 ziplock bag with double-sided collage artwork from Luke Holland (Trapdoor Tapes), accompanied by some rope and netting for added inspiration.

Click Here to Purchase WATER BONDAGE directly from Cipher Productions

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