Monday, September 10, 2018

Out Now: Masturbatory Dysfunction split with Frataxin on Lugubrious Incantations C20

OUT NOW on LUGUBRIOUS INCANTATIONS: Masturbatory Dysfunction / Frataxin split cassette inverted second edition limited to 30 hand numbered copies.

Black and White shells with white norelcos and inverted color artwork. Frataxin submits blown out Power Electronics, and Masturbatory Dysfunction exposes visceral harsh noise warning vulgar content.
Frataxin's side focuses on the specific extermination of disabled people in third reich Germany.Masturbatory Dysfunction revels in the exploitation of other's misfortune for sexual gratification.
Venom and Lust.

Get in touch for trades/wholesale/purchase. A handful will be held back for my two and only shows of 2018 coming this fall.

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